Jaye Cane Puts His Emotions On The Line In His Transparent "Red Moon" EP


After growing up homeless, Jaye Cane builds the case of why he should be a household name in hip-hop.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin native, Jaye Cane lets his struggles growing up be felt through each track on his Red Moon EP. Dealing with the loss of his mother at an early age and having a father heavy on drugs, Cane was frequently transitioned between foster homes and being homeless. He credits his pains as the catalyst for him to survive and thrive through his music. Jaye fell in love with hip-hop as an escape from his harsh reality and his interest helped mold the energetic, and driven artist he is today.

Give the project a listen to go on a journey through his deepest thoughts, passions, struggles, and accomplishments. Follow him on Twitter @JayeCane to stay up to date on his upcoming releases.