Jerry Seinfeld Speaks On Appearing On Wale's Next Album

(AllHipHop News) Wale's upcoming album The Album About Nothing will have a huge co-sign from the man who inspired the LP's title. Comedic legend Jerry Seinfeld announced in a video last month that he will appear on the Maybach Music Group emcee's next project, and he recently spoke with Rolling Stone about venturing into the world of Hip-Hop.

"It's always fun to go into somebody else's thing and vice versa. So that in itself is just reason enough to do it," says Seinfeld.

Wale has always had an affinity for Seinfeld's classic 1990's sit-com that was affectionately known as "The Show About Nothing." His breakout 2008 project, The Mixtape About Nothing, featured audio samples from the program and a cameo from the show's co-star Julia Louis-Dreyfus on "The Vacation from Ourselves." In 2010, Wale released the sequel More About Nothing, and the Nigerian-American's third studio album will continue the Seinfeld theme.

Seinfeld admits he enjoyed Wale's take on his show, "I think someone sent [The Mixtape About Nothing] to me and I got a kick out of it. And Wale came to a show... and we hung out a little bit. And he's a very nice kind of a guy."

Seinfeld's role on The Album About Nothing will be an extension of the random, observational comedic style made famous by his show's characters. He went into the booth and just recorded his thoughts on various ideas as people in the studio asked him different questions.

In the interview Seinfeld also talks about how Hip-Hop and stand-up comedy are so closely related, going so far to say that "there's no difference." This will not be the first time Wale has collaborated with a comedian. He teamed up with Lil Duval for "Fairy Tales."

Rappers seem to love inviting comedians to jump on their albums to add a bit a comic relief. Dave Chappelle appeared throughout Reflection Eternal's Train of Thought. Kevin Hart could be heard on T.I.'s Fuck A Mixtape and Game's Jesus Piece. Katt Williams was closely affiliated with Dipset and added jokes to Lil Kim's "Shut Up Bitch." Kanye West albums almost don't seem complete without a feature from a popular comedian (even if impersonated)- DeRay Davis as Cedric The Entertainer (The College Dropout), DeRay Davis as Bernie Mac (Late Registration), and Chris Rock (My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy).

Wale's The Album About Nothing is set to be released in 2013.

Watch the video of Jerry Seinfeld announcing he's working on The Album About Nothing below.