KAMI - "Reboot" Feat. Chance The Rapper, Joey Purp & Smoko Ono

Chicago Hip-hop artists KAMI and Smoko Ono release music video for "Reboot" Featuring Joey Purp & Chance The Rapper.

KAMI and Smoko Ono are part of the SAVEMONEY crew with KAMI making up one half of Leather Corduroy's, his project with Joey Purp.

He released his debut album, Just Like The Movies in 2017.

Throughout the landscape of musicians in the Chicago area, KAMI's upbeat energy helps him produce some of the most interesting hip hop that is coming from the city.

By blending elements from the roots of rap and hip hop, synth-driven new wave, and pop vocals, KAMI has been able to form a signature sound that resonates with audiences across all genres.

Smoko Ono is well known for producing I Might Need Security by Chance The Rapper and U Mad by Vic Mensa. Smoko's hard hitting beats have been a resident Chicago staple in the past years as he's risen to prominence behind the boards of his Chicago rap contemporaries.

Very Slight, KAMI's upcoming project in partnership with Smoko Ono is due out September 14th. Kami will appear at The North Coast Festival featuring DJ Snake, Miguel, Mura Masa and more on Sunday, September 2nd