Kanye West - "Closed On Sunday"


Basically don't mess with Kanye's family....

Kanye has always infused religion in his music. From "Jesus Walks" to various lyrics in his catalogue he's often called on the Lord for help. This video is no different and while this isn't one of the most popular videos that Kanye has ever had, it's somehow timeless in capturing his family and his Sunday Service.

Whether it's standing in the middle of his choir or standing on top of a mountain professing his love to God, this video is artistic, dramatic and infused with religion mirroring his most recent album Jesus Is King. Although some fans are questioning Kanye's motives and intentions with his Gospel music after the whole MAGA hat saga, there's no question he's put his all into this project.

From the ideas and concepts for the cars and intro scene with Kim and the kids, to the planning that must go into his choir and their wardrobe this is a remarkable video. What do you think? Is this a marketing plan or is he being genuine? Is this all a plan for Kanye to run for president in 2020? Sound off below:

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Dumbest song ever


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