Kanye West Releases Music Video For "Wash Us In The Blood" Ft. Travis $cott


Has Kanye turned against MAGA?

After Kanye West wore his MAGA hat and made a host of controversial statements about Black people over the past few years, some are speculating that Kanye may have done it all to get into Trump's office and on his set agenda. There's no doubt Kim has been on her mission as an attorney freeing human rights victims - so there's that. But now Kanye is returning to gospel raps with a political twist. Is Kanye supporting the protests which would be against the MAGA agenda? Does Kanye support wearing a mask? Might we see some Yeezy masks? There is a lot to unpack here with all the images that flash on the screen in this visual, but we can clearly see images of police brutality and protest, COVID, fighting in the streets, blood, gospel, video games, Crip walks in the jail halls, various clips of of a digitized Kanye and a wavy ocean of chains. What else do you see? How does this all relate to the Gap? Comment below and sound off with your thoughts!