Key Glock Scrapes the "Bottom of the Pot" in Latest Video Off "Glockoma"

Check out Key Glock's latest video.

With an independent hustle that rivals any in the game, Key Glock enters 2019 on a cresting wave of popularity.

Showing off his boisterous wordplay Glock shares "Bottom Of The Pot," his latest music video. With swirling synths and crisp drums courtesy of BandPlay, "Bottom of the Pot" highlights Glock's creative vocal ability, feverishly whispering the final word of each line in the hook, cleverly accenting the beat's snare placement.

Glock's delivery helps bring out the best in his bars, which are as outrageous as usual: "It's a bird, it's a plane/ Nah bitch that's Glock!"

In the video, Glock counts his cash as he cooks up work, shrinking down to dance on a stovetop with a scantily clad model. "Bottom Of The Pot" follows the release of Glock's previous video "Since 6ix," which has 6.2 million views on YouTube, and lead single "Yea!!," a monstrous banger produced by Drake's favorite new producer Tay Keith, which has over 4.1 million plays on Spotify alone.