L.E.P. Bogus Boys Industry Event and Mixtape Download

L.E.P. Bogus Boys have a HOT new mixtape with DJ Drama called Don't Feed Da KillazDOWNLOAD


Infared Music Group presented an exclusive L.E.P. Bogus Boys sneak peak, live performance of their unreleased mixtape Don’t Feed Da Killaz Vol. 3

This private event was the ultimate tribute to hip-hop culture. Upon entering the venue, men and women greeted us promoting the group, by rocking L.E.P. Bogus Boys logo apparel. Chicago’s home-style favorites and old school jams filled the venue. Perhaps, I was being a bit presumptuous but the homegrown music built anticipation for L.E.P.


stage set the tone for the evening’s main event: keyboards, drums,

guitars, trumpets, and 3 vocalists. The enthusiastic crowd listened as

the set opened with MC Moonie hitting the stage first with his verse

from the song “Gion For The Kill.” He was wearing

a mid length trench coat; most striking was the chain around his neck,

displaying a Chicago Black Hawks varicolored ice medallion. MC Count

took the stage next wearing a long black trench coat, sporting a chain

“so bright you see it through a blindfold!” He

stayed true to his lyrics and we were all witnesses of his expensive

taste. MC Count likes nothing but the best; that is why he is always, as

he says, “fly-er than a bird with an extra wing.” Together

the duo solidified their event as true hip-hop mixed with old school

flavor. The live band added an extra excitement that you just can’t get

with a DJ alone. MC Moonie’s emotional storytelling before each

selection defined the character of each song allowing the audience to

become immersed in the show. MC Count’s smooth, calm and professional

delivery made the song ‘Ginger’ lyrics come alive.


the second half of the show, L.E.P returned to the stage wearing black

suits with a handkerchief in left breast pocket, OG style, looking like

distinguished gentlemen. As the instrumental of their new city anthem

‘Chicago Niggaz’ came on, their manager E stepped on stage to a

thunderous round of applause. The air was ripe with excitement. The audience rapped the hook the hook word -for-word, with C’s & L’s in air showing their love for Chicago and supporting the group. It was impressive how the group was able to generate such audience engagement; a feat that most local artist can only dream of. The audience participated as if they were a part of the group, which was a testimonial that the L.E.P. BOGUS BOYS always hold it down for the crowd in their hometown.

On a scale of one through ten, L.E.P.’s exclusive

pre-mixtape, sneak peak performance receives a ten for the following

reasons: big production, great stage presence combined with the use of

live musicians. The

show was electrifying and very entertaining. Their performance

converted the non-believers into believers and left a strong impression

regarding their contribution to Hip-Hop.


the end of the show, each band member did a solo, demonstrating that

music can be more exciting with live musicians. The hospitality of

Infrared Music Group (inviting the top media journalist and bloggers

alike) set the bar high for the local artist in Chicago.