La Socket- "Ride Out"

Richmond Native catches the attention of Say Cheese TV representative Shawn Cotton.

By: Charlton E Wallace (@C.d.o.t)

Richmond, VA’s very own La Socket drops “Ride Out” and catches the attention of Say Cheese TV’s CEO, Shawn Cotton.

Socket has been posted on Say Cheese TV’s Instagram before, but this time is different.

Shawn Cotton himself mentioned Socket in a tweet and played his song on his Instagram.

This co-sign didn't only help Socket but also helped the song’s producer, YB who is also an 804 native.

Socket was able to ride the beat YB created while also adding his drill and trap flavor to the record.

”Ride Out” has been reposted many times and has audiences talking.

Will the Say Cheese Co-sign help La Socket to become a star? And help YB become a more respected producer?