LEP Bogus Boys: Street Catalyst

Hailing from the notorious streets of Chicago, Illinois, the LEP Bogus Boys, short for Low End Professionals, are no strangers to struggle. In the past decade, LEP has dealt with it all including experiencing incarceration and facing the deaths of fallen group members. A true story trial and triumph. The LEP Bogus Boys “used their, music as a way to shed light on the harsh realities of how diabolical the streets can be.” This group, that can genuinely call themselves a family was birthed in 1998 and since then, the level of growth that has occurred within each individual is undeniable so there is no question why the gained respect from established artists such as Jim Jones, Gucci Mane, Fabolous, Kanye West and Bun B, as well as listeners and lovers of Hip-Hop. Music/Video:AllHipHop.com: Where did the name LEP come from?LEP Bogus Boys: Well you have the higher number line 125st, well we from the lower number which is like 22st or 21st. So we from what the city calls the Low End, and we professionals. Bogus Boys was a hit squad that was affiliated with Larry Hover so some of us are from the Bogus Boys neighborhood and we adopted the name. AllHipHop.com: Who are the official members of LEP? LEP Bogus Boys: Well right now its only Moonie and Count, but Larro was a original LEP member and Pacman who was killed June of this year. AllHipHop.com: What role does each member play? LEP Bogus Boys: Moonie is the smooth hustler/ladies man, and Count is straight gangster. So Moonie brings girls and lyrical flow, and Count straight real talk unsugar coated. Together they cover all angles of Hip-Hop, they are like day and night but together we are LEP BOGUS BOYS. AllHipHop.com: Were all of the members already into music prior to the formation of the group? LEP Bogus Boys: Pretty much we all were affiliated with each other. AllHipHop.com: How was the group affected by Law’s death in 2001? LEP Bogus Boys: It was devastating when you lose a brother, friend, and comrade, Law was a educated man. He had a academic scholarship to Northern Ill University and he was in his 3rd year. He was the future for us. But it took a lot out of are plans, and made us regroup AllHipHop.com: Do you feel like the group was better suited mentally to deal with the loss of Larro in 2006? The sad thing about Chicago is we have a lot of killings going on, the

moral is down. The government is crooked from the mayor to the governor.LEP Bogus Boys: Not at all it hurts just the same, if not worst. He was the energy and the joker but real street pride. The sad thing about Chicago is we have a lot of killings going on, the moral is down. The government is crooked from the mayor to the governor. They cut out all the programs. There is nothing for the kids to do. Now they make you pay, even if you go to the park district, you have to pay to get in the field house. But they are building more jails, but no schools…figure that! AllHipHop.com: Throughout all the changes that the group has gone through, was there ever talk of dismembering LEP? LEP Bogus Boys: Not dismembering, but things slowed down when Moonie served 5 years and when you lose your brother it becomes a little discouraging. But never would we separate, we family now. AllHipHop.com: How does one remain real to the streets while still accepting social responsibility? LEP Bogus Boys: By staying real to yourself and your family, and staying in your lane. To many people seek approval of others, but not from yourself 1st, then your family, and everything else will fall in place. AllHipHop.com: 12 years since the birth of LEP what aspects are different and what facets have yet to change?LEP Bogus Boys: We take Hip-Hop very seriously. It was just playing around beating on the steps and walls when we 1st started, but now we are more determined to make it so our fallen members life wont be lost in vain, and we can help there families and our community. So we got real work to do, so we can change our outlook on stuff. AllHipHop.com: What has been the highlight musically for LEP thus far? LEP Bogus Boys: I think it was when CHICAGORILLA hit MTV and Moonie’s solo song Hood Girl ft. RayJ hit BET, Both in the same month of June, and MTV’S Mixtape Monday Daily in May. It had all of Chicago buzzing and the moral was high on the streets. Who’s doing it? Not Lupe, not Common, but in the streets LEP, we the most entertaining and realest street group in the country. AllHipHop.com: The industry resume of LEP is pretty impressive. Explain how some of your collaborations came about. LEP Bogus Boys: Just people like Jim Jones, Gucci and Fab respect the talent and the realness. Bun B, we respect and he showed love. Kanye knows about the buzz and jumped all the way in. So we gained the respect of established artists as well as our peers. AllHipHop.com: With so much accomplished and the ample amount of recognition the group has received already, what is the ultimate goal of LEP? LEP Bogus Boys: That Chicago is a great big city with a world of talent, and maybe we can facilitate a record company out here where acts or artist can get signed without leaving the city. You should never stop your grind to be successful at what we started and finished correctly, to be a part of hip hop legacy. AllHipHop.com:  Will anyone from the group ever pursuer music solo? LEP Bogus Boys: Well honestly both Moonie and Count have solo projects and both have a story to tell that will be very entertaining, like how the bloods and crips started out of Chicago from Black P Stones and Gangster Disciples, and the truth ideology of street organizations. They both will be very, very entertaining. They both can hold their own. SHOUT OUT TO THE POLITICAL PRISONERS, LARRY HOOVER, JEFF FORT AND ECT…. Visit LEP Bogus Boys at:www.lepbogusboys.comwww.twitter.com/lepbogusboys www.twitter.com/moonieoflep