Lil Debbie - "CLASSIC"


California rapper Lil Debbie pays homage to the Fresh Prince and DJ Jazzy Jeff

In celebration of her birthday, California rapper Lil Debbie shared 'I'm the Rapper, He's the Producer.' Entirely produced by Atlanta's Kid Class, the duo pay homage to the Fresh Prince and DJ Jazzy Jeff with the project's title, while showcasing their chemistry throughout the impressive 5-track EP.

Reminding us she's a boss on bouncy anthem, "Stunt," and securing the bag on "Goyard," Debbie has proven to be one of the most consistent artists to emerge from the West coast in the last decade. "Although this project is only a five-song EP, this is one of my favorite bodies of work," Debbie shared with Complex.

To compliment the release of the EP we also receive a short visual for "Classic." Stream the project via Spotify below support on iTunes here.