Lil Durk Goes On Uncontrollable Spending Spree In New Video "Habit"

Durk balls out in his latest video from "Signed To The Streets 3."

Masterfully combining emotional realism with extravagant boasts, Lil Durk embodies the tragedy and triumph of his home city of Chicago.

Drawing a line between drug addiction and the obsessive need to buy expensive luxuries, Lil Durk examines his behavior on "Habit," his latest video.

Produced by Niaggi, the piano-laden "Habit" finds Durk listing his outrageous routine, juxtaposed with his acknowledgment of those who are not as lucky as he is: "Keep buyin' designer shoes, this s##t a habit/He tried that dog food, now it's a habit."

In the video, a helpless Durk embarks on a spending spree, buying jewel-encrusted watches and balling out at the club, all while his bank account drains from over $2 million to negative numbers.

"Habit" is the latest video from Signed To The Streets 3.