Lil Kim Returns With New Song For New School And True School

Hey, people! @LilKim is back and her new song is almost certain to put her back on top.

(AllHipHop Music) Not a lot of artists are able to sustain a career that transcends over several generations of music. On top of that, how many acts have intergenerational influence, rising to icon status? Love or loath, Lil Kim is special and she’s back. Her newest song “Took Us A Break” might just be the song that takes her from 90’s legend status to modern newfound relevance.Kim has had her hands full dealing with a host of careers matters, including Nicki Minaj perched on the top of the fem-rap pile. (Why there can’t seem to be several rap queens at the same time seems to be a quandary we’ll never resolve.) Of course, shots get fired. “I was raised in the school of hard knocks, These b-tches is class clowns / Giving y’all my old clothes, my old flows like hand-me-downs / I see y’all watching my Snap / Trying to see what else you could jack,” Kim spews. Personally, the autotune is the one facet of this song that is unappealing but that is certainly for the target demo.With “Took Us A Break,” the new song with Remy Ma and and rich legacy to draw from, Lil Kim still rocks.

Nah. This ain't it. You too old for this

is jay z to old to make I got the keys and ham

Sorry, this is dope as fuck!!! Y'all buggin' the duck out!!!

Same sound as today's artistes..nah...