Lil Nas X ft. Nas - "Rodeo"


Lil Nas X get the OG from NYC Nas for his latest visual

You could legitimateliy ask the question of who had the best year in 2019 and come away with a host of responses that include the come up of the young cowboy named LIl Nas X. From the Country Music awards to the Grammy' and back again this Country / Rap upstart has seemingly done it all in a short period of time. Now he add a collaboration with the legendary Nas who likely gave Lil Nas X his name. Ok hip-hop heads, what are our thoughts on this Nas and Lil Nas X collab?! Sound off below!

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The fucc is this bullshit cuh? Come on Nas. I ain't mad at lil dudes hustle BUT Nas spitting bars with this cat? This shit does not seem organic just some record company favor shit. Smh. They are trying to feminize brothas, so jumping on a tracc with this cat is Nas acceptance? NAS is supposed to speak out about this. Not jump on a song with dude.


lost alot of respect for Nas for not only putting a stamp on this butter soft clown but now jumping on a track with him. smh