Lil Scrappy - MJ (Produced by Stevie J)

Love & Hip-Hop ATL stars connect with the Lil Scrappy released, Stevie J produced "MJ"

Grustle Gang Committee (GGC)/DangerZone is pleased to announce the release of Lil Scrappy’s newest song, "MJ". “MJ” is a precursor of what is the to come from Scrappy’s upcoming project, Grown, which is fully produced by Grammy award-winning producer and Love And Hip Hop Atlanta (LHHATL) castmate, Stevie J. Grown will be available in the near feature.

“MJ” offers a smooth side of Scrappy and gets its name in homage of the greatest performer of all time -- Michael Jackson. 

Scrappy explains, “I entered the business with a good amount of success as a teenager so in my own way I can relate to MJ’s transition from being a child star into adulthood. This album, Grown, will show my evolution. ”Stevie J and Scrappy began a friendship as cast members on the set of LHHATL where they discovered they had a lot in common musically.  With the commonalities they decided to work together on the new project, away from television.Scrappy Explains, “Our focus was just to make great music without distractions. You won’t hear a reference to LHHATL. It’s important to me to give the fans what they’ve been waiting for and this project takes me back to my core.”

He continues, “It’s easy to work with Stevie,” We are both on the same page when it comes to our current musical tastes.  We wanted to offer our fans something fresh and new from me and for the first time in my career I have an album that is fully produced with live instrumentation on every track.  Stevie plays every last one and I’m excited to hear what the fan’s feel about it!”

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