Lil Wop - "Deathnote" (Video)

Lil Wop takes a stab at horrorcore with "Deathnote," his latest single.

Issuing death warrants above droning bells and subterranean bass, Lil Wop delivers his detractors a final warning on "Deathnote," accompanied by sampled quotes from the classic horror film "Child's Play."

Directed by Paul John of Midnight Cinema, the "Deathnote" video finds Wop presiding over a dinner party where the guests have been violently killed, rhyming from his whip and his throne, pondering who shall live and who shall die.

Lil Wop's 'Deathnote' is a song that feels like it should be playing on loop in hell. It sounds evil," "Deathnote" is the latest single in the lead-up to "Wopavelli 4," Wop's upcoming mixtape.