Lil Xan Drops Xanarchy Valentine's Clothing Collection


Lil Xan drops Xanarchy Valentine's Collection with hoodies, long sleeve t-shirts, dad hats

Lil Xan's break out video for "Betrayed" just hit a milestone 100M views on YouTube and the news of this achievement came coincidentally as he started his sold-out Total Xanarchy Tour. Xan kicked off his journey on the road in Vancouver, Canada last Thursday and has been having a blast meeting fans and spreading the anti-Xanax movement across the nation. He is currently making his way down the West Coast, with dates like Seattle and Portland already in the bag, en route towards his Southern California home to start February.

After dropping a new Xanarchy collection last November, Xan is giving fans new merch in time for Valentines Day as well. The Xanarchy Valentine's Collection features an assortment of hoodies, long sleeve t-shirts, dad hats and crewneck sweaters, all inspired by lyrics from his hit song "Betrayed." 

From cupid pointing a heartbreak arrow towards the sky on a dad hat and/or sweater, to heart shaped candy with select phrases like "Really Miss My Mistress" and "Heart Shaped Kisses" on t-shirts and hoodies, fans will be able to find something that fits their Xanarchy love for the holiday with this new collection. Whether for themselves or their significant other. The long sleeve t-shirts come in black and white, while the hoodies will feature pink and grey coloring. There is also a teal crewneck, black dad hat and black t-shirt that can be purchased as well. 

The Xanarchy Valentine's Collection will be available Wednesday, January 31 at 3pm PST.

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Another AHH artist. Keep pushing these clowns!!