Lil Xan Performs "Betrayed" Live on MTV's TRL

Lil Xan rocks out on MTV's TRL

In the course of a few months, Lil Xan has been taking off. The Southern California rapper has seen the success of his "Betrayed" single completely change his life, already tallying a whopping 87 million views on YouTube as of now. The track is being played on satellite radio, terrestrial radio and has catapulted him to the forefront of the anti-Xanax movement in rap right now. In a quick visit to New York, Xan stopped by MTV's TRL to talk about how he got to this point and what he's hoping to accomplish.

Joined by Tyra Banks, he told the Times Square audience the story of how one tweet recently sent 2000 fans looking for him in his hometown of Redlands, CA and how in the end, it just started a riot. He also talked about what XANARCHY stands for and why his name is not Alexander. Mrs. Banks also taught him how to "smize" (see: smile with your eyes). And of course, he took the stage and performed his break-out song "Betrayed" for the crowd in attendance.