[LISTEN] That Jay Z And Meek Mill Sounds Fire!


Meek and Jay on a track...and it sounds tooooooo good with Timbaland on the beat!

(AllHipHop Music) We have not had Meek and Jay Z on a track yet, but all of that is about to change. Timbaland - you show off - gave people a glimpse of what is to come. The results are hotter than the fire in the valley out there is Cali. Now, I am sure some of you out there know more than I do, but it would seem that this is off a Timbo project, since both Jay and Meek dropped albums this year. Or could be be for the upcoming battle with Swizz? That would be next level. I would HOPE that Tim wouldn’t reveal his ACE like that before the battle. If he did, he’s playing checkers, not chess! Either way, it appears that we will have a dope song. Check it out.