Listen To Kanye West's New Song "Brothers" With Charlie Wilson

The new track by Kanye debuted on Irv Gotti's BET series "Tales."

Chicago rapper Kanye West has his fans wondering who he's talking about on a new song.

Irv Gotti just dropped the song "Brothers" taken from the premier episode of "Tales," which aired on July 2nd.

Some lyrics in the song, which features Charlie Wilson, have hip-hop heads wondering just who Kanye is talking about.

Some people think "Brothers" is about Kanye West's relationship with Jay-Z, while others are speculating the song is about Virgil Abloh.

Irv weighed in on the matter, but he didn't reveal many details in regards to who the song is actually about.

"There is a lot of speculation right now on who is Kanye West rapping about on the song 'Brothers.' So here is the song that BET cut off because of there way of airing episodes," Irv said. "But it was always meant for the audience to hear the whole record. Listen. And decide for yourself if you think kanye is rapping about Jay Z or Virgil. both Ye's brothers."

Either way, Irv delivers a backing track with Kanye and Charlie Wilson.