Manscaping, Motherhood & Moving On with @IAmTaraWallace on the M+M+M Show!!

Love & Hip-Hop most famous baby-mama Tara Wallace talked struggle and striding with @MrMecc & @K_Lavenne on the #MMMKPod

In all ways, days and walks of life, the need to make major moves are necessary. Whether you're hustling as an #actress holding down the house as a single mom or looking for love as a single woman, sitting still is never the way to get the things you're after. And if you just happen to be the former #LoveAndHipHop cast member @IAmTaraWallace, you have to do all three, under the microscope of public perception AND in the shadow of an infamous ex. The do-it-all woman sat with MrMecc and K_Lavenne to talk walking tall, riding a wave and how to walk on and off a roller coaster on the #MMMKPodcast.