Marz Money - "Touchdown"

"Touchdown" is the lead-off track from Marz Money's first release since coming home from an 8-year bid.

Rapper Marz Money drops a new video for his single "Touchdown."

This video is the story of his experience behind the wall, the process of coming home and touching down; back in the hood he loves, Flatbush, Brooklyn. Let the world know Marzy Home!

Most of the time controversial lyrics has superseded the actual talent of the MC, however, what stands out when listening to Marz Money is how accurately the events of his life is expressed in his music.

The rapper has mastered the art of implementing wordplay and punchlines in what people call reality raps. Never the one to bite his tongue, the spitter rhymes are so convincing that his bars have been taken out of context but in his words, "When I write down my life, for some reason it rhymes."

The Flatbush, Brooklyn product started rhyming with friends & later co-founded the rap group Noxmen Committee, incorporating as a label in 2010.

With no financial backing or cosigns, Marz took a DIY approach to cut expenses. He taught himself Photoshop after seeking out designers who either charged too much for mixtape covers or couldn't see his vision.

He began designing all of the artwork for his conglomerate, which led to creating logos & mixtape covers for other up and coming artists which opened up a career path for him. He finally made a profit off of his artistic skills within the music business.

All things were lined up for the media mogul in the making, collaborating with notable MC's Nipsey Hussle, Cory Gunz & producers Araab Music, GQ Beats and Teddy Da Don respectively.

But things took a turn for the worst when art began to imitate life and Marz Money was convicted of gun possession and sentenced to an 8-year bid.
Realizing that to make it you have to separate real life from entertainment, Marz has come home early on work release with a mission.

With his ordeal behind him and his beloved hood "The Bush" rooting for him. The multi-talented artist of many titles is ready to get back to the music and reintroduce himself to the arts & entertainment world.

Let it be know Marzy Home!