Master P - "Gone" Ft Jeezy ('I Got The Hookup 2' Soundtrack)


Master P and Jeezy connect for "Gone" from the I Got The Hookup 2 Soundtrack

The world nearly froze over when Master P and Jeezy connected for their new song called "Gone" from P's I Got The Hookup 2 Soundtrack. Now the duo is equipped with a high quality video for this musical dope and the Snowman and the Ice Cream Man leave their mark. What else would you expect when these two veteran rap bosses from New Orleans and Atlanta respectively join forces for a major soundtrack? One listen to the hook and you KNOW this is an instant Hip-Hop classic.

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Big dog, no flees, banger, we needed this


P said it best at the end: "I got people in the pen not coming home because they won't even snitch to come home and see their family." Free C-Murder AKA Corey Miller.......