Memphis Justin Timberlake Collaborator Freesol Is Back With New Single


The singer/rapper is in love and you can hear it.

If you like to groove and catch a vibe to a quintessential jazz, hip-hop, funky record, The DJ Charlie White produced "Is It The Way" is literally the way. Freesol is back since his 2011 colas with his Memphis friend and brother Justin Timberlake. Hits like Fascinated, Role Model and Hoodies On Hats Low, made their rounds on the airwaves until Freesol decided to take a break from music to focus on his love relationship. Now back with this funky hit which gives heavy mention to the woman of his dreams, this is one of four recently released singles from the Memphis native anticipating a new album in the coming months.

Keep up with Freesol and get acquainted with his cute family @Freesol.