Migos CULTURE Documentary


Migos link up with Tidal for a documentary

Recently tying The Beatles for the most simultaneous Billboard Hot 100 songs, the Grammy Award-nominated hip-hop group, Migos, has achieved massive success ever since the trio released Culture last year. Now with Culture II debuting at No. 1, Migos has teamed up with TIDAL for an exclusive documentary – C U L T U R E – that reflects on the group’s journey and takes viewers back to where Migos mania first started.

Narrated by Quality Control’s Coach K and Pee, the documentary explores different interpretations of “culture” as it follows Migos and their fans in the hours leading up to the sold-out album release party for Culture. Migos also speak about their genuine relationship with the fans and their experiences with early success.

“A year ago today we released Culture. We knew what we had and we wanted the world to hear it. But we honestly didn’t know what was about to happen. Two million albums sold, 15 million singles later and we still here. What you’re about to watch and experience is the moment where it all happened,” Coach K said.

Recently, Migos delivered a high-energy set at the TIDAL X: Rolling Stone Live show; fans can relive their live-streamed performance here.