Mike Two Drops "Beyonce" via Roc Nation Distribution


NYC rapper Mike Two's music speaks of a life beyond drugs, street crime and basement studios

Check out "Beyonce” the first visual off of “Breakfast in Santa Monica”, Mike Two's his second studio album which got him picked up by Roc Nation Distribution.

Staten Island bred Mike Two was inspired at a young age to pursue a career in music, but the belief he’d make it out of the streets seemed to be just an illusion. Fast forward to 2018 when Mike took a trip to California and he found himself sitting on a balcony overlooking the crashing waves of the ocean. Mike Two began to envision a life beyond drugs, street crime and basement studios.

According to a statement to the press, the project and this song was "inspired by the overwhelming feeling of ambition, the refusal to quit, and the need to feed his newborn daughter, Mike Two lets it all hang out on this track that embodies manifesting destiny."