Miles Morrison - "Take Me Away"


Epic Records Recording Artist Miles Morrison Releases "Take Me Away" Visual

Epic Records/EP Entertainment recording artist Miles Morrison releases a new music video for his song, “Take Me Away.” The HNNBL-produced cut comes from his recently released Hollywoodland EP.  

The Phil Dorling-directed clip finds Morrison dividing a story he created into five parts, with this song being the first part of the series. “I wrote a story about a guy having a nine to five and then one day saving a girl and following her down a rabbit hole of revenge,” said Morrison. “I picked ‘Take Me Away’ to be the first part because the song represents a starting point for me on my journey in Hollywood.”

The song and visual bring together parallels and metaphors of Morrison’s journey through Hollywoodland. Vivid imagery of demise and confines paint the picture of an artist, the 9 to 5 hustle, and the battles of egotism. 

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I like this, never heard of dude but i will look up some more of his music