Mixtape Download: Shyne - Gangland


1.Shhhhh (Prod by Young Lord)
2.King Of NYS (Prod by Odds and Ends)
3.BG (Prod by Omega)
4.Frank Mathews (Prod by David DA Beats)
5.You’re Welcome Skit
6.You’re Welcome (Prod by Danja)
7.Meyer Lansky ft Pusha T (Prod by Hebrew Hustle)
8.Bobby Seale (Prod by Pheonix)
9.Can I Live ft World, Kin Folk (Prod by The Olympicks)
10.Fred Hampton (Prod by Omega)
11.Buffalo Soldier (Prod by RZA and Kojak)
12.King Judah (Prod by Kojak)
13.50-Life (Prod by Arthur McArthur)
14.The Roller Song (Prod by Young Lord and J Kits)
15.The Original (Prod by Omega)
16.Dope Boy Fresh (Prod by Rich Skills)
17.Super Doll (Prod by Rich Skills)
18.King David (Prod by Rich Omega)