Mixtape Download: Vote for the Hood Vol. 1 Mixtape

Tthe League of Young Voters released the Vote for the Hood Vol. 1 mixtape, produced by Dre Knight (Frank Ocean) and featuring Dee-1, FowL and more. This mixtape is aimed at engaging voters in critical but low-profile elections, such as the recent Wisconsin race, and inspire political participation.


  1. Win Today - Dee-1
  2. Blue Jays and Canaries - Jungle Boy
  3. Turn Me Up - Shamir Malony, Madame Mone’t
  4. Official - Aliesa Nicole
  5. If You’re Her - Atone Bishop
  6. Black is Beautiful - Fowl
  7. Don't Want to Fall in Love - Aliesa Nicole
  8. Holiday - Aliesa Nicole
  9. Man of Business - Roni, Madame Mone't, Prophetic

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