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Moka Blast was once dubbed an underground legend by Jadakiss. Check out this freestyle.

When it comes to the long game, no other artist plays it better than Moka Blast, he is a heavy hitting emcee with a flow that appeals to the masses. Moka Blast, originally born in Trinidad but bred in Queens, New York, is often compared to LL Cool J and 50 Cent due to his handsome hustler mentality.

Once dubbed an underground legend by Jadakiss, for his unique cadences, street credit and reputation with the ladies, has made Moka a force to be reckoned with.

Utilizing his smooth delivery and undeniable charm, Moka Blast has been able to combine his hustler etiquette and perfectionist nature throughout his music, a masterful blend of street, with an edge of sexy.

He has carved a path that sees a heavily populated female demographic that supports his every move. “A lot of artists forget you have to entertain,” Moka muses.

“I will do anything to keep my fans happy, as they are my infrastructure to the world. It’s the little joys in life that matter to me and my fans will always be my priority.”

Moka Blast aims to give his adoring fans nothing but the same satisfaction with his upcoming album dropping titled "Highly Irritable". The Forever Getting Cash dynasty of Moka and his other signed artists under him have just confirmed a major signing deal with Sony BMG.

Moka Blast is a man of many talents as his successful music career has veered into other facets of the entertainment industry, most recently as owner/operator of FGC Studios in NYC and Las Vegas, as well as 2Hansum barbershop.

Regardless of whether he is overseas on tour, recording a new album or building a new recording studio, Moka Blast gets things handled. The Ladies Love Moka, and as only the Hansum Hustla himself can say it best, “Y’all asked -- I delivered”

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PURE FIRE!!!! This is what NYC needs.