Moka Blast - Hiighly Irritable


MOKA BLAST is sure to shock the WORLD with his debut in-studio album coming soon.

Emerging deep from the depths of South Jamaica Queens comes Hip Hop's newest Dynamic Talent. From terrorizing the underground scene for years with back to back to back smash Hits! To finally emerging to the forefront of Hip Hop to claim his rightful place amongst the aforementioned names.

"MOKA BLAST" is sure to shock the WORLD with his debut in-studio album that's already being acclaimed as CLASSIC "Hiighly Irritable." Famous DeX, Joell Ortiz, Pachino just a few notable names on the Album if you happen to be looking for some heavy hitters!

But being as though, Moka's range is so much further than the US of A, he also has some truly outstanding international BANGERS as well, featuring London's first lady, "Lady Leeshur" and the Afro-French R&B star Chopin.

This breath of fresh air album takes you from New York to Las Vegas and keeps your attention as you travel all the way to the Mother Land... with hits such as "Shawty From Africa."

Moka takes hip hop back to its essence, back to when you were judged on BARS (something Moka has no shortage of) lyrically tested tracks with one of the most intricate metaphorical underground lyricists "Ace1der da don"

But he doesn't forget the masses, he also gives the modern age of hip hop something to clamber to with several melodic hits featuring his protege who is being deemed the Prince Of Vegas (for good reason) "Direxta."

Moka's album listing has no shortage of surprises and immense repeat value. Something that Hip Hop and the music game as a whole, Most Definitely NEEDED!--

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