Money, (no) Hoes & Clothes with FUBU's @MrKeeyzo on the M+M+M Show!

FUBU Founder talks marriage marriage, Money

By: Mr. Mecc (@MrMecc)

Does bagging the sister ever work? Can an old marriage handle a new threesome?

Can #LLCoolJ wearing FUBU in a Gap ad be explained? Can black people spend money with each other WITHOUT having an attitude?

Keith C Perrin Jr aka @MrKeeyzo may not have the answers to all of these questions, but what the Co-founder of FUBU/CEO of FUBU radio & husband of 11yrs couldn't answer, @MrMecc & @K_Lavenne could (...try to.) The #FUBU boss joined the #MMMKPodcast to talk about staying married, group economics and how so many NYC homeless got so well dressed!

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