Mr. Play's UK Street Heat With @SNE_UK @FekkyOfficial @h_moneda @nadiarosemusic& More


Mr. Play is back with another listing of the top hot songs in the UK. Listen up!

The UK's Mr. Play is back with another one. Britain's finest has compiled some of his favorite songs from the his country to share with his kinfolk over here. Hip-Hop has been worldwide for a very long time so its time to respect that. Check out the list and add some of your favorites in the comments!

  1. @SNE_UK - "Jungle"

In SNE's trillful new single "Jungle" he speaks on the doubts his partner has been left with due to his new found fame in music.

  1. @FekkyOfficial ft: @iamshakka - My Size

"My Size" sees Fekky stepping into a different vibe for his female fans, the tune brings positive energy and a holiday vibe for the ladies who have been supportive of him from day one. He says that shooting he video in South Africa was a great experience and he was pleased that he was able to capture the feeling of the instruments in the video. We all have that dream girl we see and think wow she's nice that's what the term my size means.

  1. @h_moneda ft: @6IXVI & @pakmanonline

The song WHIP taken off H Moneda's Foreign Exchange project is nothing short of the term ISSA VIBE! With H’s witty and unorthodox flow alongside his hard hitting punchlines, Pakmans flamboyant lyrics and 6VIX energetic chant, the song is a genius concoction which you'd be hard pressed to keep still too! Don’t take my word for it though check it out on YouTube for yourselves.

  1. @sneakbo ft: @officialgiggs - Active

If you know the history of Brixton and Peckham and the street wars they had back in the day, then you'll understand how iconic the collaboration between Brixton's Sneakbo and Peckham's Giggs actually is. They've teamed up to create what can only be called a UK street anthem.

  1. @nadiarosemusic

Nadia Rose brings the heat. While the song isn't new, it still deserves a fresh set of ears. Hope the punchlines don't go over your head.

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