MUBUTV: Insider Series - SE. 7 with Music Supervisors Barry Cole


This season MUBUTV’s™ Insider Series takes viewers on an in-depth exploration into the world of music in film and T.V

This season MUBUTV’s™ Insider Series takes viewers on an in-depth exploration into the world of music in film, television, trailers, micro-licensing and other forms of visual media in today’s multi-platform world. Several episodes examine different aspects of that process; from what each format requires, to how musical choices are made, to the best and most effective ways that artists and songwriters can develop a working relationship with these decision makers and improve their chances of getting music placed into the various outlets.

Already scheduled to appear this season are Music Supervisors Sarah Webster (Pitch Perfect I & II), trailer house music executive Danny Exum from Workshop Creative, music publishers Cindy Bedell Slaughter from Heavy Hitters Music, Randy Frisch from LoveCat Music, as well as artist manager Jamie Talbot, record producer Eric Robinson and music attorney Wallace Collins) just to name a few.

Each guest offers their take on the current landscape, and shares their own unique history and how it shapes their experience.Our Season Premiere episode features an exclusive interview with Grammy Nominated Music Supervisor Barry Cole.

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Barry Cole and his company, Spot Music (est. 2001), stand at the threshold of where media meets media and technology. Spot Music is an independent consultation and music supervision firm with more than 80 film credits, including Sling Blade, American Psycho, Super Troopers, Talk To Me, Belly, Brown Sugar, Our Family Wedding, Roll Bounce, Beautyshop and Notorious. In addition to music supervision for films, Cole has a proven track record in Media Production, Soundtrack A&R, Music Publishing and Music Clearance. Cole Produced the soundtrack for the film “Brown Sugar” from which the single “Love Of My Life” performed by Erykah Badu and Common won the Grammy for R&B Single Of The Year.