MURS Explains His New Song To Kanye West And Announces New Album “Captain California”


Rapper Murs has announced the first single from his upcoming album Captain California is dedicated to Kanye West.

by Mike Winslow
Music, News.

(AllHipHop News) On the song “GBKW,” which is short for “God Bless Kanye West,” Murs discusses the stories of three different black men, and their issues struggles with mental health.

“We pray for each other and I believe in the power of prayer, but we could really use more mental health professionals in our community instead of mocking Kanye West,” Murs explains. “He’s having problems and he’s having to work through it. He’s like a football player playing hurt, to me.”

Aside from the Kanye West’s record, Murs weaves together a series of California-themed stories, all based on his love for comic books.

“On Captain California, I’m making things colorful and vivid and telling stories where I sensationalize them without glorifying them,” the rapper explained.

In addition to his girlie tracks and Cali-themed stories, Murs hopes the overall political messages on Captain California will resonate with his “majority non-black audience.”

“To me, the way you get through to anyone is your admission of guilt or to blame yourself. Then it’s saying, ‘I’ll work on this if you work on that,’” Murs said “To me, that’s the overall message that America needs to embrace if we’re going to have to work with the Right Wing and Donald Trump.”

Captain California is due out on March 10 via Strange Music. Check our Murs’ new song “GBKW (God Bless Kanye West)”: