Music Artist S-EM-C To Release New Project “Big Soph”

Sophie Steele, also known as S-EM-C, is here and is setting it off with her music career.

Sophie Steele, also known as S-EM-C, started her career as a music artist. She began learning the business of music, taking interest in marketing. After many successful marketing campaigns were completed, her company “Kopius Media” arose. Today, Sophie is educating artists as well as perfecting her skill sets. Not only is Sophie a fan of music, she also consistently creates songs. Her early influences are among Lloyd Banks and Nipsey Hussle. 

Sophie is passionate about art, and if it weren’t for her music career, she would be making digital art. She creates melodic and purposeful music and is currently working on a project titled “Big Soph”. Her favorite song that she’s created has not been released yet but is temporarily called “Crown”. Sophie is a multitalented person and apart from business marketing and making music, she writes all of the lyrics to her songs and even takes the role as a songwriter to help other artists create records. Sophie praised the musician Lil Baby admiring his consistency, devotion, and quality of strategic planning.

Sophie believes that the music industry has been globalized and collaborations have become much easier due to the power of social media platforms. As an entrepreneur, she deeply observes that culture is moving quickly, but the tools and methods in the industry are still the same, so the sector needs business innovations.

She follows the advice, “Persistence is key.”

She has been placed in global advertising campaigns, collaborated with famous brands, and created beautiful songs. She recently partnered with the prestigious marketing agency, “Organic Music Marketing” where she collaborates on large marketing campaigns for labels. She is ambitious about achieving her goals and would like to collaborate with music companies like SoundBetter, Songtrust, and SongSplits. She wants to educate the community of artists and create some dope songs. Be sure to follow Sophie on social media @iambigsoph for more music and access to resources and updates.