Myles Lloyd- 'Goodbye'


'Goodbye' is therapeutic, soothing, transparent. It is the inarguable definition of greatness.

(AllHipHop Music) With recent 'Goodbye' album release, Canadian artist Myles Lloyd is fashioning a new wave in music.

Unafraid to change the current musical narrative, Myles delivers an excellent body of work that’s uniquely distinguishable and reflects his signature vocal delivery.

While boasting a sonically inviting, authentic, and unapologetically personal pièce de résistance, Myles presents a myriad of experiences courtesy of 12 tracks that take listeners one a musically marinated joyride. In every era in music, only a handful of musicians can create the kind of music that is unparalleled and instantly hits the core of your being in a way that you’ve yet to experience and this is what makes Myles Lloyd so astonishing. 

Myles has made his way onto some of the most coveted playlists and is rapidly establishing a presence that does not go unnoticed in Hollywood. And, with good reason, listen to 15 seconds into the first track and you’ll immediately understand what all of the fuss surrounding Myles Lloyd is all about. 'Goodbye' is therapeutic, soothing, transparent, and is the inarguable definition of greatness.

Take a listen below.