Nanu Alidina - "Parking Lot Freestyle"


Linking up with Young Chaaca for production, Nanu Alidina drops a "Parking Lot Freestyle.”

Linking up with Young Chaaca for the production, Nanu Alidina releases a new record in the form of "Parking Lot Freestyle," a gutter-felt track that also showcases his love for motor-vehicles and racing alike. The Toronto-native says

"A lot of people go in circles when it comes to succeeding and don't really end up making much progress, which is what I refer to when I talk about others doing donuts in the parking lot, catch me progressing every step of the way."

Nanu plans to continue releasing singles and hone his craft to it’s full potential before going on to his next body of work, but doesn’t plan on being any less consistent than he already has at dropping content. Check out his latest below.