NBA Youngboy Battles Thoughts of Suicide In New Visual for "All In"


NBA Youngboy has been going through it, but he's coming back strong with his friends and family behind him

While the worlds of social media and online cancel culture continue to churn their wheels, we see yet another rapper who is having difficulty dealing with the criticism that comes along with being in the spotlight. From judgement about his relationships and kids, to thoughts about his own father, NBA Youngboy has faced heavy criticism from all sides. On this song he talks about how he battled the odds and somehow its still never good enough for the critics. Now we don't know all the details of NBA Youngboy's relationships, his fallouts with exes like Mayweather's daughter and his kids, but on IG recently he clarified that he had four boys, one girl and he has another on the way. Lots of drama going on in his life and it appears to be wearing on him, prayers that he finds peace and stability for the kid's sake.