Nevelle Viracocha Debuts New Album 'Astral Hour'


Nevelle is also shining with musical features on FX's hit show 'Atlanta'!

(AllHipHop Music) Nevelle Viracocha  is a musical hybrid of soulful and eclectic Hip Hop with trap-like reflections whose pioneering a musical imprint that challenges tradition, much like fellow southerners, OutKast did when they birthed an unfamiliar, yet infectious sound that though it was deeply rooted in the south, was completely outside of tradition and challenged the norm. Its emergence would eventually reshape the perspective of southern Hip Hop and began to tell a very different narrative, unlike anything we'd ever heard. The same can be said of Nevelle Viracocha, a southern Hip Hop entertainer birthed in Carolina, traversed Germany and Korea with Alabama roots, who is redefining southern hip-hop and charting a new path, that without hesitation, is being embraced and celebrated. 

Nevelle's song "Dirrty Game" was featured in the "Champagne Papi" episode of FX's Emmy Award Winning series 'ATLANTA, and his "Mind Made" single was recently featured on last week's "Woods" episode. 

Nevelle has recently released his debut album, 'The Astral Hour'. 'Astral Hour' is Nevelle's followup to his 2016 debut 'EP, Eff/Pee/Ohh' and boasts 13 amazing tracks that include 'Multiply', released in April of this year along with a superlative visual to complement the release of the single.

Nevelle described Astral Hour as,

*“*An audio visitation of the highs and lows of life. What basic human emotions we face would sound like if given a voice. We all go through the motions, this project will make those motions a little easier to bear.”

Nevelle has created these astounding sounds and melodies that create the perfect marriage amidst rapping and singing, with the end result being genre-bending music that continuously echoes familiarity, that yet is still undefined, but yet so gratifying. 'Astral Hour' carries the space-age-like vibe that undeniably gave rise to R&B/Funk megastars Earth Wind and Fire, positioned OutKast as global Hip Hop royalty, and is arguably the singularity that will yield Nevelle Viracocha a career that will be nothing short of legendary.

The 'Astral Hour' LP is available on EMPIRE and an array of digital streaming platforms such as Spotify and SoundCloud. 

Check out the album below.

Check out the video for "Wanted"

Stay connected with Nevelle: Twitter: @Highkingcocha

Instagram: @viracocxa