New EP 'Silk Pajamas' From TMG Fresh is Out Now

The luxury rapper gets more personal on his newest project

In his newest audio release Silk Pajamas, high-roller rapper TMG Fresh gets more reflective, asking hard questions about the ups and downs of his playboy identity.

I just put another crib in escrow/ Time for celebration but who’s there though?/ Bitches in my phone I don’t care for/ Are these hoes all I left my ex for?

This quote from title track “Silk Pajamas” shares a different side of Fresh, an artist known for celebrating the good life every chance he gets. Apparently even millionaires take time to think about their life, and as the four cutting-edge tracks on Silk Pajamas progress, Fresh makes it clear that he's committed to exploring new ideas as he develops in his craft. Listen to Silk Pajamas here and follow Fresh here for updates.

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Another whack creation.