New Single "RVO" (Real Vibez Only) from Josh Stone Pays Tribute to the Legends

On his third release this year, the NY bred emcee is flashing back to hip-hop's glory days

In a music landscape filled with gimmicks, producer and rapper Josh Stone wants to defend his originality and honor those who have inspired him. On his latest track “RVO” (​Real Vibez Only), he explains why he won't give in to gimmicky rap trends (​Wouldn’t 69 it just for the critics / Tattoo my face and hair and end up in prison/ Ya gotta be kidding), then flips it on its head with ​You can catch me in the coupe/ Smoking on the chronic like Dre n Snoop, showing his respect for legends who’ve paved the way. 


“Real Vibez Only” is what Josh Stone lives by---nothing forced, nothing fake. Real Vibez Only is also the name of his independently-founded label, a company Josh started to have the biggest impact possible on an industry that needs something real. Stone has shared his own voice more and more this year over his previous two releases “Joshua Stoner’ and “Said That I Couldn’t” that are both charting, and it seems like he's showing no signs of slowing down. As Josh has explained, "I pay my respect to the greats that came before me while providing a sound that stands out from the rest. It's time for hip-hop to take a new course, and I believe this record can take it in a new direction."