New Video for "KING" Has Eric Bellinger Vibing with His QUEEN

Bellinger and La'Myia Good Shop in Beverly Hills Before Things Get Futuristic

When arguments occurred on social media recently over the title of “King of R&B,” Eric Bellinger dropped a single called “KING” with so many amazing elements it settled the score right then and there. In the months since, while Bellinger has been celebrating the success of The Rebirth 2 and some exciting news with his queen (La’Myia Good Bellinger), the Grammy-winning songwriter has also been filming with wife La'Myia for his newest video!

In the visual for “KING,” Bellinger strolls around Beverly Hills surrounded by designer stores with La’Myia by his side as he sings about that royalty-level love: Come vibe with a king, girl I got what you need/ I need a queen on my team that deserve the finer things/ Come slide with a king, we gon' do everything/ I need a queen with me that ain't switchin' teams

Like the song, the video for “KING” keeps things moving, as the futuristic themes that have been woven throughout The Rebirth 2 appear and abstract imagery becomes the focus as the thickest bassline of the song kicks in. Soon Eric Bellinger adds yet another surprise as he pays homage to some iconic music video moments from D’Angelo, Usher and Tyrese. Showing this kind of respect for other "kings" is some real "KING" ish!