Nick Cannon's "F##k Him" Is An Open Letter To The Ladies


Nick Cannon comes with "F##k Him," but what is he really saying?

(AllHipHop Music) Keep it a buck: people love to hate. They just do. For some reason, Nick Cannon - as beloved as he is - also gets hate. How? I'm not sure, but it could be that whole ubiquitous, impossible-to-define, modern day, rebellious Renaissance man thing. Regardless, Nick Cannon's shall not be denied, haters be damned. The new single, appropriately titled "F##k Him", has the entertainer getting darker than normal in the muck of relationship drama. The song is one of three called the "F##k Him" Trilogy. The song is not what is seems, as Nick is speaking just to the ladies that are in the "conflicting push and pull of a strained relationship." Listen to the song below and weigh in.

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Nick is such a corn ball...