Nick Grant Returns Dope Af After Musical Hiatus


Want dope Hip-Hop music? Charlton Wallace says look at Nick Grant’s new video!

(AllHipHop Music) Nick Grant is back! The South Carolina native is at it again. He hasn’t dropped any visuals since June 2017 but he shocks the world with this new single, "96 Bulls," a single off his Dreaming Out Loud project that is coming soon. It seems this track is the sample for us to taste before we get the full meal. This song is a dope piece of pure rap artistry, as his fans expect the album to express the same sort of excellence. He disputed a great rhyme scheme and witty punchlines, metaphors, and lyricism. Fans are accustomed to seeing this from Grant and appreciate it with a passion. The rhymer took a different approach with the visual this time, something that we haven’t seen in the past. Grant paints a portrait of a neighborhood and the surrounding culture. Check it out.

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Glad to hear Nick Grant is BACK!