Nino Bless Records New 9-Minute Video That Will Amaze!

Micah Drago breaks down the latest video from Nino Bless!

(AllHipHop Music) With Illuminati Reject 2 fast approaching, Nino Bless has been hard at work. The latest evidence of this is his “God’s Ghostwriter II” video, a hard-hitting, nearly nine-minute exhibition of creative genius and lyrical prowess.

The video draws inspiration from Mel Gibson’s 2006 film Apocalypto and finds Nino stepping into the role of an action movie stuntman, and the entire effort was handled in-house with help from DefineSolo and a few of Nino’s friends.

The idea of creating a cohesive video for a eight-and-a-half minute song seems daunting, but Nino did an amazing job of keeping the audience engaged throughout. “Standing in front of a camera and just rapping is boring to me,” says Nino. “I wanted to kick some ass.” While ass-kicking doesn’t look too likely at the beginning of the flick, Nino breaks free from bondage and gets to throw some hands.

Everything about this video is grass roots, from the visualization to the actual execution. When I spoke to Nino about the video, he told me about how his friend Amy Arellano came through in the clutch with the filming location. “The hardest part was finding a location where I can start a fire and dig an eight-foot hole. The world works in mysterious ways. Amy’s father owned land somewhere around lord knows where.”

From there, Nino and his crew dug a hole, donned wardrobes made by Amy, and fired up the pyrotechnics. The result? “It was bad enough I smelled like burnt wood for 3 days after that fire scene.”

Tune in to the Illuminati Reject 2 live stream listening session to hear the album in its entirety today at 5 PM EST. You can watch via YouTube or Facebook.

If you want to hear more from Nino Bless, his album Illuminati Reject 2 is due out soon. You can also keep up with Nino at his website, where you can sign up to receive notifications about exclusive new tracks, videos, projects and more.