Nitty Scott MC Honors Indigenous Customs In Her Short Film, “La Diaspora”


Nitty Scott Can't Stop, Won't Stop. Her Latest Is A Stunning Work Of Art Worth Celebrating.

By Ime Ekpo (The Wisdom Body)

(AllHipHop Music) Nitty Scott takes the masses to a vivid indigenous African bound utopia that praises freedom and nation building.

Nitty Scott has made it her business to unapologetically embrace her identity as an Afro-Latina woman. This is graciously showcased in the short film for her track, “La Diaspora” which is featured on Scott’s latest album, Creature!. Rather than dwell on the reality of the oppression faced by Blacks and all indigenous people, Nitty Scott focuses the lens on our greatness, before oppression.

“I wake up in the wilderness today. A place my mind cannot remember, but my soul already knew.”

You see, the ancestors are speaking through Nitty Scott, MC. Using the art of rap, the Goddess MC spits with the cadence of ancestral chants to promote healing within all cultures of African origin. Set in the righteous wilderness of an African forest, “La Diaspora” is the ideal day in of life of our ancestors. A sacred dance ritual, ancestral worship, and sisterhood are key elements of the visual, which are solely dedicated to the bond between all descendants of African and indigenous people.

With such a rich, dignifying scenery, you are bound to get your soul touched by an ancestor the moment you hit that play button. Nitty Scott is on a mission to contribute to the upliftment of all African and indigenous people out of any oppressed state of being. Through rhyme, Nitty Scott chronicles a time when civilization was one with nature and living within harmonious energy. The regal spirit of kings and queens, is live and direct. Watch Nitty Scott’s short film, “La Diaspora, below

“When the spirit is alive, lighten up the fire if you fucking with the tribe.”