Obie Trice Preps New Album 'The Fifth' With New Single

Detroit spitter Obie Trice has a new project called The Fifth dropping August 23rd.

Taking it back to the golden era of Hip-Hop is Obie Trice with his new gem, "1992." Now rap heads will argue that there were other eras of Hip-Hop that were a bit less tarnished when it comes to the gold that was displayed, but check it out as this Detroit emcee shows his love for Hip-Hop and crafting music for the fans.

"“I know I don’t keep up with the joneses, but I’m blessed thanks to YOU and blessed to put out my 5th release on my terms. Thanks to everybody who understands me as an individual. It’s just how I was feeling at the time when I penned it. I speaks my mind and never compromise integrity–good or bad, some shit need to be said, period. OG, but you can’t out rap me. I live this shit," Obie Trice said on IG.