OG Cuicide & AD - "Keep It G"


Rappers OG Cuicide and AD are biologically related - check out their new track here!

Today real-life relatives OG Cuicide and AD link up once again for a signature Los Angeles bounce video, titled, "Keep It G". Embodying the essence of West Coast Hip Hop, a thorough dynamic duo deliver hard-hitting street raps harkening back to the early 90s West Coast music While OG Cuicide, the alpha, parallels with a tough, wiser, certified style of his own. The family ties also result in a natural vibe that fans will enjoy for beginning to end.  "Keep It G" is slated to appear on OG Cuicide's forthcoming project, currently untitled. AD current appears as a recurring character on the new FXX hit, Dave.

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Cousins not relatives do your research on the lingo for the situation cuh...