On Sum Bullsh%t (OSBS) Releases Sophomore Studio Album 'Parental Advisory'


The rap duo from Los Angeles is bringing even more heat on their follow-up to 'No Cap'

Smokeone and D5 (aka OSBS) weathered the emotion surrounding freshman album No Cap (their unprecedented rise to stardom and the shattering loss of Nipsey Hussle) and managed to solidify the experience into a new level of swag. When asked about the change that's happened during the making of Parental Advisory, D5 explained, "I feel like the vibe on this album is confidence and we step out of our comfort zone on this one. This album is more US and shows our diversity in mastering our sound. We show we are capable of hooks, verses, unorthodox delivery...all while remaining lyrical. I feel like the ups and downs prepared us for this album."

Despite their youth and the challenges they've faced, OSBS has managed to deliver yet another project that has amazing collabs and a fiercely smooth sound. Uneek Music labelmates of the late legend Nipsey Hussle, they grappled with the pain of losing their partner in the midst of a dramatic rise to stardom last year, but Nipsey's legacy and the sounds of South Central are repped hard on Parental Advisory. From the haunting "Marathon Intro" to the hard-hitting "Liu Kang" (featuring two other Los Angeles-based artists Benji Stone and Southside Diddy), OSBS is merging the unmistakable vibe of their home soil with a cutting-edge sound that draws heavily from Atlanta's trap music stronghold. Click below to listen!


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