OneWay Monté- 'Music Boxx'

OneWay Monté pours pain, passion, and emotion into his latest project.

(AllHipHop Music) Delomonté Koonce, known professionally as OneWay Monté, is an American rapper, singer, and songwriter. Born January 5, 1995 in Dothan, Alabama but raised in Atlanta, Ga. Monté always had dreams of being a great musician since age 11, but officially began his musical career in 2011 under the stage name “Roccstarr D”, which later changed to “Roccy O’Mega” in 2013, after he released his first buzz-worthy track “Bang Bang”.

Monté initially gained recognition for his lyrical word play and strong enthusiasm behind punch lines.

In 2017, After moving back to Atlanta [from the U.S. Virgin Islands] he officially changed his name to “OneWay Monté” Or Just “Monté”, which followed his 1st single “Anti”.

On January 5, 2019, Monté released his first complete project titled 'Music Boxx', The project was a highly anticipated 15-track EP which introduced his style of genre bending, with soul, pianos, guitars, trap drums, lyricism, and melodies. The project shows him reflecting on pain, passion, emotion and the love for which he has for his two daughters. The cover art shows the house Monté grew up in as a kid as it represents his pain; the birds and colors represent dreams, and a portrait of his oldest daughter represents his passion for life and music.

Take a listen to OneWay Monté's 'Music Boxx' below!